lunedì 5 luglio 2010

American party + cheesecake al pistacchio

Last saturday our neighbour Matthew made a party for the people living in my building to say good bye to every body because he is going back home to New Jersey.

He is a very nice person, not just for the party but becouse he is always a smiling person, and I discovered that is also very mature for his age. But most of all he is a very good cooker, he cooks so well in fact for Christmas he made for many people of the building a Christmas cake and many fudge squares with many flavours, fantastic.

For this beautiful evening he made a big BBQ with this full of flavours meet and hamburgers.

But first we could taste a kind of taco chips with chilly sauce and cheese sauce. Roasted Chichen with sauce. Somebody else (from Sicily) brought peperonata, potatos and tomato salad and green salad and olives.

He made also these very good choccolate cookies and the owner of the house a very good and fresh Macedonia and at the end there was also my cheesecake with pistachios.

for the base

300g of biscuits
125g butter
1tsp of chinnamon

For the filling

800g cream cheese
2 yogurth with pistachios (yomo)
4tbs of sugar
4 sheets of jelly
For the top
70g of pistachios
200g of water
2 tbs of sugar
1 sheet of jelly

The base has been made as usual.

For the filling wet the jelly for 10 minutes and mix all the ingredients at the end put also the jelly just melted, put over the biscuits and set in the fridge for 3 hours
For the top smash very well the pistachio and cook for a while whith sugar and water at the end the jelly as usual and put the liquid over the mixture, set in the fridge for 2 hours and should be ready.

Thank you Matthew for the wounderful night.

3 commenti:

  1. ci siamo dati anche all'inglese??sublime questo cheesecake al pistacchio...ora che ho trovato un formaggio tipo philadelphia ma lacto free provero' a farlo anche io!!
    un abbraccio...
    P.S:ti ha contattato una certa chiara???
    baci baci

  2. Fantastico il cheese cake!!! quella fettona è deliziosa e molto esplicativa!!! un bacione

  3. quella fettona di cheesecake al pistacchio...avrei fatto il bis!:D